Today, business users are capable of three tasks which used to fall only in the realm of human domain: thinking, learning, and manipulating human behavior. Business users are able to transfer repetitive daily tasks from human employees to AI automated tools and this is a major change. Previously, the only viable option was to hire more employees or buy more tools to perform the same task. However, businesses today have more options because of developments in technology and specifically in artificial intelligence. Now, businesses can easily achieve their set goals if they employ AI automation solutions. Let’s take a look at some of the popular uses of business intelligence software these days.

One reason why businesses are turning to AI is because of its ability to identify mistakes faster. The speed of an AI system allows it to quickly spot potential problems. One area where we see this in action is with manufacturing. Today, many industries have begun to implement artificial intelligence into their production process. If we look at a recent example, an airline operated by Virgin Airlines used artificial intelligence to monitor the performance of its pilot and to prevent any human error which might lead to a catastrophic accident.

Another reason why companies are using artificial intelligence to save time and prevent human errors is because it makes them think less. Consider the case of the airline above. If it had used its onboard computers to identify passenger mistakes before each flight and if it had prevented them, it may have saved the company a lot of money. In the same sense, businesses may also reduce the number of mistakes made when they apply AI automation solutions. They will be able to detect potential problems and avoid them.

A final example is with healthcare and hospitals. Again, healthcare is one area that is constantly being transformed by new technologies. One such transformation is artificial intelligence. In this setting, a hospital can use a computer application to analyze tons of data and diagnose the problem based on a wide variety of rules. If you take a look at some of the examples of what artificial intelligence has produced, such as self diagnosing digital cameras, you can see how important it is for the future of medicine.

With all this said, what makes use of artificial intelligence at work today? We have already seen that it saves time for companies but what else makes use of it? In fact, there are several different applications. For instance, an insurer that wants to reduce the number of accidents in which its customers get injured can make use of an AI system. Likewise, a health insurance company can utilize intelligent automation solution to save money.

In manufacturing, the same principle applies. If the manufacturer uses an intelligent automation system, it will eliminate much of the tedious work that goes into the production process. Instead, the automation process will be able to detect possible problems before they occur and correct the manufacturing process accordingly. This reduces cycle times and maximizes the efficiency of the entire manufacturing operation. Likewise, with the reduction of cycle times, the manufacturer can also increase productivity and reap greater profits.

We have looked at the medical industry and its application to insurers. However, another application of AI automated systems is in finance. Again, we saw an example of this when a bank made use of an artificially intelligent system to examine credit card transactions. The bank determined that certain transactions were not necessarily accurate and were making use of improper funds. The bank therefore corrected its system and made use of an intelligent machine learning model to make decisions instead.

There are many more examples where a machine learning or AI automated system can help in a variety of fields and industries. Such examples include automotive companies, brokers, insurance companies, human resource departments, hospitals, customer service desks and insurance companies among others. The future of business is definitely bright as more companies are making use of these types of machines to improve on their processes and services. Indeed, the future of service desk automation will be bright as well!

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