Whether or not you win at online slots simply depends on a single fundamental factor: luck. The dealer always has a considerable advantage over the player, thanks to mathematics and large numbers. This is especially true of online casino games, including slots. To explain it even more directly: there is no betting system that allows players to consistently win on slots nor does it give the certainty of winning the jackpot up for grabs.

That said, there are a few things worth taking to play slots smarter. By following these tips you will improve your chances and, more generally, your gaming experience.

Stay up to date on promotions and offers on the lanfordequipment.com. Before playing, always check if you can take advantage of any active special offers. Getting a casino bonus or a few free spins, perhaps with no wagering requirements, can be of great help. Also keep in mind that gaming operators often choose to promote the launch of new slots by making free spins available.

Watch out for slots with the highest RTP. Playing slots with a high return percentage (therefore at least above 96%) and high volatility greatly increases the chances of a large win.

Read the rules and the game information sheet. Check the slots guide (if there is one) before you play, so you know which high pay symbols and paylines you need to look out for. Thanks to these information boxes you will also find out how to activate special features such as bonus games and free spins, which usually generate the largest winnings.

Practice in demo mode. Before starting to play for real money, we recommend that you do some practice sessions with the demo or for fun mode, which allows you to become familiar with the slot and its mechanics without having to risk your real money balance.

Monitor progressive jackpot slots. The jackpot on a progressive slot machine increases every time someone plays it. This happens even more exponentially when the single slot is part of a larger network shared with many other games, each of which feeds the prize pool. It should also be noted that some particular types of progressive jackpots are programmed to pay out within a certain time of day or upon reaching a certain amount. If you can find a game that fits this description, and its current jackpot that is close to the target payout time, it is worth playing.

Keep your bankroll in check. Learn to manage your money prudently and effectively. Always track the expenses related to the gaming sessions, perhaps with the help of a specialized app, and seriously consider the possibility of setting limits lower than the current ones.

RTP and volatility

Online casinos and slot machine providers usually publish a list of stats that includes basic information about the game, including RTP and volatility (or variance).

Data regarding RTP and volatility are obtained by testing the games over millions of spins, in order to determine the frequency and amount of the payouts of the slots. RTP and volatility are very connected to each other and it can be said that in a sense they work together, but they are not exactly the same. Let’s try to deepen the specifics of each in the next lines.

What is RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player rate . This term is used to indicate the return of winnings to the player and, consequently, the house edge: the RTP is the percentage of profit that players can make from a video slot, but in the long term and taking into account the bets of all players on a specific slot. We can define it as a complementary value with respect to what the house keeps for itself and therefore to its profit. For example, if the house has a 5% edge, the return to the player will be the remaining 95%. In Italy the minimum RTP of online slot machines of casinos with ADM / AAMS license is 90%.

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